Anna Alsina Bardagí is a contemporary glass sculptor based in Barcelona, Spain. Her artwork explores the manipulation of light, heat and gravity through optical glass by combining glass casting techniques with optical-precision polishing and sandblasting. She started experimenting with different types of glass in 2011. In 2014, she made eco-optical glass her main artistic material for its purity and unique reflective properties.

Her sculptures require experimental techniques, as well as physics and chemistry knowledge to gain control of the internal shapes in the glass. Internal designs are formed during the casting process by altering the glass elements before they enter the kiln.

She has always been fascinated by the laws of physics and the universe and her art is driven by a desire to challenge the boundaries of gravity and dimensional spaces inside optical glass. “Optical glass offers a sense of depth and illusion. It’s heavy but at the same time fragile. Depending on your perspective, it creates a sense of movement but at the same time stillness.”

Her goals are to continue exploring the “inner space” and the reflective interiors that are revealed in the forms she creates.

Artist statement

Glass is my addiction. I’m seduced by its purity and amorphous nature. Optical glass represents a universe of mystery that takes me on a journey into the unknown. My art is driven by a sense of wonder about the universe and a burning desire to express and capture its intangibility.

Original artworks

Eco-optical glass. Cast, polished and sandblasted.

COLLISION. January 2020. Size: 19.5 H x 19 W x 18 cm (7.6 x 7.5 x 7 in)

DUALITY. May 2019. Size: 15.4 H x 21.2 W x 15.6 cm (6 H x 8.3 W x 6.1 in)

MAGMA. December 2018. Size: 16.5 H x 23.5 W x 18.2 cm (6.4 H x 9.2 W x 7.2 in)

PENDULUM. September 2018. Size: 22.5 H x 22 W x 11.5 cm (8.8 H x 8.6 W x 4.5 in)

MANTLE. June 2018. Size: 20.8 H x 28.2 W x 12.5 cm (8.2 H x 11.1 W x 4.9 in)

AXIS. April 2018. Size: 27 H x 27 W x 8.5 cm (10.6 H x 10.6 W x 3.3 in)

MERIDIAN. January 2018. Size: 25.5 x 7.8 cm (10 x 3 in)

ECLIPSE. November 2017. Size: 22.5 H x 28 W x 13 cm (8.9 H x 11 W x 5.1 in)

SIREN. June 2017. Size: 27.5 H x 21 W x 11 cm (10.8 H x 8.3 W x 4.3 in)

VESSEL. April 2017. Size: 17.5 H x 42 W x 10.5 cm (6.9 H x 16.5 W x 4.1 in)

ARROW. February 2017. Size: 34.5 H x 23 W x 10 cm (13.6 H x 9 W x 3.9 in)

ANVIL. July 2016. Size: 24.5 H x 50 W x 11.5 cm (9.6 H x 19.6 W x 4.5 in)

SAIL. March 2016. Size: 40 H x 31 W x 10 cm (15.7 H x 12.2 W x 3.9 in)

SUNDIAL. June 2015. Size: 40 x 19.5 x 8 cm (15.7 H x 7.7 W x 3.1 in)

WORMHOLE. April 2015. Size: 15 x 17.5 x 17.5 cm (5.9 H x 6.8 W x 6.8 in)

LABYRINTH. January 2015. Size: 15 x 15 x 15 cm (5.9 H x 5.9 W x 5.9 in)

Anna Alsina Bardagi Glass Artist


Artworks held in private collections in the United States and Europe.

Glass Art Showroom (Barcelona, since October 2017). Private Showroom has welcomed visitors from US, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Glass Art Society Exhibition ‘Visions in Glass,’ Morean Arts Center (St. Petesburg, Florida, USA). March 9 – April 26, 2019.

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Fine art photography & videography – Gary Willis (Barcelona, since 2014)

Featured artist – Ohara Inc. (Japan, Germany, 2017 & 2018)

Laser World of Photonics (Munich, 2017)

Professional affiliations

Glass Art Society, Seattle, Washington, USA

Contemporary Glass Society, Sunderland, UK