How to overcome surface tension during optical glass polishing

surface tension glass polishing

One of the most challenging parts when polishing glass with an automatic grinder is to overcome surface tension: that moment when the slurry mix and the water on the metal disc get literally “glued” to the glass sculpture and don’t want to let go of each other. It is a moment of tension because you can easily break the glass sculpture trying to apply force to separate both surfaces.

When polishing glass with an automatic grinder, the recommended tip to overcome surface tension is to use an air compressor to create air under the glass surface, which makes the water spread and detach from the piece.

This technique, however, doesn’t always work when you polish large glass pieces…

In the video you can see another way of overcoming surface tension. Surface tension is so strong that it temporarily also lifts the 40kg disc along with the sculpture… It takes a few seconds for the tension to let go and for the disc to finally detach.

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