Inside the mantle

Mantle glass sculpture

The mantle makes up most of the Earth’s total volume, but it has never been physically explored. This mysterious hot layer reaches temperatures as high as 3700C (6692F). Geologists believe that diamonds are formed in the mantle and brought to the surface during explosive volcanic eruptions.

This sculpture was inspired by the inner layers of the Earth’s mantle. Internal designs are formed during the casting process by altering the three glass elements before they enter the kiln. Weeks of grinding and polishing reveal the exclusively transparent and reflective properties of optical glass.

MANTLE. Optical glass sculpture. June 2018. Cast, polished and sandblasted. Size: 20.8 H x 28.2 W x 12.5 cm (8.2 H x 11.1 W x 4.9 in). Weight: 20 kg (44 lbs).

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