Glass Art Blog Fredrik and Anna

The ‘Mierda!’ Moment

A few months ago, when social contact was still allowed before the Covid-19 crisis, I had a fantastic studio visit. Fredrik Haren, a creativity explorer who travels the world to meet artists and creative people, stopped by my studio in Barcelona. We had an eye-opening discussion about art. His inspiring inquisitive mind made me dig deep…

Glass Art Blog Glass Art Exhibition Morean Arts Center

Glass Exhibition at Morean Arts Center

I’m happy to announce that my sculpture Pendulum has been selected by the Glass Art Society to be part of the exhibition ‘Visions in Glass’ at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petesburg (Florida, USA). The Exhibition will run from March 9 – April 26 and the Opening Reception will be on Friday, March 29,…

Glass Art Blog Art scams warning signs

Art scams: 5 warning signs

The other day I received an email from a supposedly private collector who wanted to buy one of my glass sculptures. The email looked a bit suspicious and after doing some research I found out it was a scam technique being used in the art world. I’ve read some unsettling stories about artists who have…

Glass Art Blog Mantle glass sculpture

Inside the mantle

The mantle makes up most of the Earth’s total volume, but it has never been physically explored. This mysterious hot layer reaches temperatures as high as 3700C (6692F). Geologists believe that diamonds are formed in the mantle

Glass Art Blog Axis glass sculpture 2018

Axis | Life’s impermanence

AXIS. Optical glass sculpture. April 2018. Cast, polished and sandblasted. Size: 27 H x 27 W x 8.5 cm (10.6 H x 10.6 W x 3.3 in). Weight: 13 kg (28.6 lbs). Like the Earth revolving around its axis, life is constant movement and change. Everything fluctuates and changes constantly, within us, around us. Nothing…

Glass Art Blog disc cleaning glass polishing

Disc cleaning between polishing stages

This grinding/polishing disc is around 40kg (88 pounds). I have to clean it extremely well every time I switch from one grit stage to the next, as any previous grit left on the disc can cause scratches — one of the most feared moments because it means you have to start over and spend several…

Glass Art Blog anna alsina theo horneman

Illustration by Theo Horneman

Today I had a nice surprise. The artist Theo Horneman has dedicated his latest illustration to my art. Through his drawings, Theo explores the world of imagination and free expression. Check out his artistic illustrations and creativity on Instagram! @theohorneman

Glass Art Blog Glass polishing

Glass casting and the art of patience

This video shows one of the most tedious parts of the glass polishing process. Cleaning up the eccentric grinding machine to make sure it’s not contaminated from previous silicon carbide grit. Of course this speedy timelapse took me over an hour in real life… When I started working with glass, I remember I used to get impatient…