The ‘Mierda!’ Moment

A few months ago, when social contact was still allowed before the Covid-19 crisis, I had a fantastic studio visit. Fredrik Haren, a creativity explorer who travels the world to meet artists and creative people, stopped by my studio in Barcelona. We had an eye-opening discussion about art. His inspiring inquisitive mind made me dig deep…


Art scams: 5 warning signs

The other day I received an email from a supposedly private collector who wanted to buy one of my glass sculptures. The email looked a bit suspicious and after doing some research I found out it was a scam technique being used in the art world. I’ve read some unsettling stories about artists who have…


Inside the mantle

The mantle makes up most of the Earth’s total volume, but it has never been physically explored. This mysterious hot layer reaches temperatures as high as 3700C (6692F). Geologists believe that diamonds are formed in the mantle